C is a first-time single mum to L, born at 30+6 in 2016. She has been single since pregnancy and moved back from London to her hometown of Cardiff when she was five months pregnant.

Her pregnancy was straight-forward, with no major complications. She attended hospital for reduced movements at 20 weeks and 27 weeks and no issues were found. A growth scan at 28 weeks was normal. On her third episode of reduced movements at 30 weeks, C was offered a routine scan due to the previous episodes of reduced movements. The scan revealed placental insufficiency caused by absent end diastolic flow. The baby was also measuring small (IUGR).

Following four days in hospital, discharge and readmission the following day, L was delivered by emergency c-section. He weighed 2lb 10oz. L spent several days on CPAP before breathing in air for the duration of his NICU stay. He spent six weeks in NICU, mainly as a feeder/grower after recovering from suspected sepsis. Luckily, his only complications immediately following discharge included surgery for an inguinal hernia repair and two hospital admissions for complications following childhood illnesses.

L is now a lively pre-schooler with no major issues as a result of his prematurity. He recently had grommets fitted to mitigate mild hearing loss and delayed speech. C continues to work full-time, fitting in blogging sporadically alongside a busy professional career.